Solar and wind provide clean, pure energy to consumers without harming the environment unlike its fossil fuel rivals gas and coal. The benefits of renewable energy are boundless – providing unlimited power to consumers with no fuel costs, creating thousands of jobs and generating revenue for communities. Green energy truly is a win-win for everyone.

With the recent actions of the new administration, hopes of striding toward energy independence in the U.S. have taken a harsh turn. Because of this, Rhode Island and Kansas Governors on behalf of the Wind & Solar Energy Coalition penned a letter to Trump asking him to support the development of wind and solar energy, which outlines the benefits both resources have on our economy. According to a 2016 National Solar Job Census, the solar industry employment growth outpaced the overall U.S. economy by 17 times as it increased by over 51,000 jobs, for a total of 260,077 U.S. solar workers.

As noted in the letter, “The Coalition’s twenty member-states are home to hundreds of wind and solar energy facilities that employ hundreds of thousands of Americans and contribute significantly to each state’s economy, and the nation’s at large. The growth of the renewable energy industry is an American success story built on federal research and development, state policy leadership, private sector investment, and ingenuity. A new chapter of that story began last year when our country’s first offshore wind facility went into service in the waters of Rhode Island.”

As a Rhode Island business and one that produces solar energy systems, we commend our state governor and the Wind & Solar Energy Coalition for taking a stand and fighting for our nation’s renewable energy resources. And through eNow’s involvement with Clean Cities and Carbon War Room, we hope to make a difference in helping solar initiatives. Every step made is a step closer to our country’s energy independence.