We decided to take a drive for breakfast. Our plan was to have a relaxing morning and enjoy a delicious meal. Off we went. First stop the gas station, my have prices gone up, still I thought, not as bad as that diesel price, though.

Oh well, still the trip seems like a nice inexpensive getaway, so we thought. So on we went. It was a great day, not too hot, not too cool, so we opened up the windows to get some fresh air. We were driving along and we came upon a big black cloud and it wasn’t in the sky, it was coming from the truck up ahead. Soon my windshield was filled with black smoke and our fresh air was suffocated by the smell of gas. All we kept thinking was, there must be a better way. We then did what every New Englander is known for, we stepped on it! Passing the truck gave us some relief and tried to resume our trip.

Unfortunately, a couple more miles down the highway the same thing happened again and forced us to roll up the windows. We met up with some traffic and were trapped behind yet another truck. Have you ever experienced a truck idling? Believe me the smoke was only half the problem, the fuel/gas emissions are intolerable. At the mercy of the traffic all we could do was hope that only a minimal amount of those nasty fumes would get inside the car with the air conditioning on – so much for the fresh air. Still the thought of a nice breakfast was still on our minds, so we continued on our way and tried to focus on the sweet smell of bacon. Traffic loosened up and we were once again on our way.

We finally reached our destination, but not without passing by a truck stop where at least 5 trucks sat parked and idling. How could we tell? Well the lovely smell and the black smoke was a dead giveaway. We did have our breakfast, but wondered at what cost? Not the travel cost, but the environment, the cost of delivering products, or maybe even thinking about that poor driver and his experience while driving. How important is it to our environment to fix this? Is there a need to protect the trucking industry from charging too much to deliver our products? How are the prices that we are paying for needed items increased by the amount of gas that is consumed by the trucking industry?

Shouldn’t we be able to go for a drive, enjoy breakfast without the threat of emissions overpowering the sweet smell of bacon?