Today I visited a trucking company to discuss eNow’s solar auxillary power system. As I waited in the lobby I noticed various whiteboards on the walls. On these boards were the name of every truck and driver, and the percentage of time each truck idled for the month.

The numbers were astonishing. The low was around 10% (pretty normal) and the high was 47%. In the next column was the cost of fuel used for these idle periods. The low was about $20 and the high was close to $1,100. The cost in one month alone, for the entire twenty trucks was almost $10,000. They then calculated the annual cost of $120,000, and then the cost per employee of $5,300, just for idling. In big red letters it said “these are your bonuses”.

The eNow system would eliminate 100% of this idling, saving the company $120,000 per year. The estimated payback on the eNow system would be approximately 12 – 18 months. I can hear it now, “our bonuses are back”!