truckers_backbone1 (1)I recently drove to Florida for the first time in a thirty foot truck. This was quite the experience, driving 2,650 miles in seven days alone in a very small space. I have always admired the trucking profession; however, this experience took my respect to a whole new level.

How do truck drivers go out day after day, day or night, in all kinds of weather, regardless of road conditions?  No doubt it is a sense of dedication, preparation and a driven spirit to reach their destination.  Most of the time, they transport food, gasoline and other merchandise from a distribution center to businesses and households, loading and unloading, lifting, carrying and walking.

If you did not know, truck drivers deliver over 70 percent of everything we use. The ability to maneuver these huge rigs in and around tight spaces is truly a talent. They have to be aware of some very difficult road conditions and watch out for some not so nice motorists along the way.

Again, thank a truck driver today for the great job they do and enjoy the goods that they delivery day in and day out.