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Tesla announced the availability of its solar roof tiles a couple weeks ago. The tiles, which are glass and come in four different styles, easily blend into existing roof tiles and come with a lifetime warranty. This is certainly innovative and clever to have solar tiles that are aesthetically pleasing.

It never ceases to amaze me about the insight that Elon Musk has regarding the future of energy. In one way it takes us back to the days when scientists were deciding between localized and distributed power. It reminds me of the saying, “what is old becomes new again.” Clearly, Elon Musk understands this and is willing to reengage with the discussion.

At eNow we see this same process happening with commercial transportation.  Not only can we power the vehicles with solar, but the solar on these vehicles can power the facilities they operate out of. With the combination of solar and battery storage the vehicles can operate during the day, store the excess energy that has been generated and provide that energy back to the facilities they operate out of when they return. This concept is very similar to Tesla’s vision – using the energy from the sun to power the house, charge the car battery and take energy back from the car when the car returns home.

Like Elon Musk, we can see the day when you won’t need distributed power to live and work. Yes, this is all possible and it is not far-fetched. What is far-fetched are those that don’t believe we have an energy problem.