Tesla recently surprised just about everyone when it announced that it came out with its own solar roof tiles. There is no word yet on what the cost will be, but in true Tesla fashion one thing is clear: these solar roof tiles are beautiful. That in itself is a big deal.

press_solar_roof-1477702557Anyone who has seen most solar roof tiles knows that they are big and bulky eyesores. This aesthetic downside to the technology can make a difference to homeowners weighing energy savings against the ugly factor.

Tesla solves this problem with integrated solar roof tiles (with solar cells built in) that look better than the average shingles and come in different styles: Textured Glass, Slate Glass, Tuscan Glass and Smooth Glass. Elon Musk claims that they are also 98% as efficient as standard solar panels and that plans are in the works to improve that number. In addition, the extremely durable glass material is very resistant to damage from hail, tree branches, etc.

At eNow, we commend Tesla for this leap forward in solar technology. While initially these panels may only be affordable to the wealthy, one can expect that just as with Tesla cars, the price will go down as adoption increases.overview

At eNow, we also know that aesthetics matter. Our solar panels for transportation vehicles not only are the most efficient in the industry, they are thinner and at the same more durable than other models. As with Tesla’s solar roof panels, this was by design. We wanted panels that fit easily onto vehicles and that also look good.

Oil prices have been down for a while, but based on history, that is not likely to last. In New Jersey, for example, gasoline jumped 23 cents per gallon just this week. Economically and environmentally, renewable energy solutions matter more than ever—on the road and at home.