Technology Overview

Our proprietary solar panel systems use the latest in technology to capture and convert the sun’s energy into useable power. The transportation industry can use this clean renewable energy, thereby reducing operating costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Advanced Solar Technology

eNow offers the most advanced solar-powered systems available. Our range of products are designed to withstand the rigors of the road or water and provide maximum energy output even under overcast conditions.

A Built-In Mobile Power Station

eNow enables owners and operators to have, essentially, their own built-in mobile power station by generating energy to power auxiliary equipment and systems even while the ignition switch is turned off.

Customized to Fit Every Application

eNow’s solar solutions are also customized to fit every need. The panels are extremely lightweight and come in a flexible form to bend around curved applications.

Become More Profitable, Enhance the Driver Experience, and Improve the Environment

Whether you are an OEM, fleet owner, an owner operator or a driver, eNow is your energy solution. Our goal is to help the transportation industry become more profitable, enhance the driver experience and improve the environment.

eNow Product Applications


Reduce fuel consumption and extend the life of stand-alone lift gate batteries.

Public Transit and School Buses

With eNow, each bus becomes its own mobile power station by generating sustainable energy whether the engine is on or off.

All-Electric Reefer Trailers

Reduce fleet operating costs by 20-50% and harmful emissions to zero with eNow Rayfrigeration™ trailers. Also qualifies for DERA and CARB-CORE voucher programs.

Get All the Facts and Product Specifications

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