Solar for Idle-free Highway Safety Lighting

eNow’s solar battery charging system powers safety lights on any highway construction and maintenance vehicle — without idling the engine. It even provides extended use of safety lighting for up to 15 hours per day. eNow solar battery-charging systems save fuel, cut harmful emissions and reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

eNow solar systems are ideal for:

Police vans and SUVs

Construction warning vehicles

Traffic warning lights

Emergency and EMT vehicles

The Problem

Emergency and highway maintenance vehicles need to operate emergency lighting reliably for extended periods of time. Relying on main engine batteries alone to power a vehicle’s safety and emergency lighting can result in hours of unnecessary engine idling. Idling not only increases operating costs, it is also bad for the environment.

One hour of idling wastes roughly 1 gallon of fuel and emits 19 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In addition to wasting expensive fuel, idling also puts undue stress on the battery and alternator, leading to increased maintenance and replacement costs.

The eNow Solution

eNow provides a dedicated battery-based system. During the day, the eNow system will continually charge the batteries to power the lights. eNow offers superior low-light charging, ensuring operation even on cloudy days.

For vehicles that operate at night, the eNow system ensures you start each shift with a full battery charge. eNow is a “smart” system, directed by the charge controller. When the sun rises, the charge controller does a bulk charge to replenish the batteries. Once the charger detects a full battery, it goes into a trickle charge (or float) mode. This all happens automatically, with no driver action required.

The eNow system has built-in safety feature to protect the system from short circuit, overload, surge, and reverse current. The panels are layered polymer structures, which are thin, flexible, and abrasion resistant. The panels include a Teflon layer, so they easily shed dirt and particulates.

The Savings

Through customer feedback and extensive testing, we know that:

  • Battery life is extended to 3-4 years (depending on battery type) because batteries are never left in a discharged or partially charged state. This translates into annual savings of $200 to $800.
  • For every hour of idling saved, fuel use is reduced by one gallon.

Based on the figures above, the payback period for eNow solar is approximately 6-18 months.

Eligible for 22% solar tax credit (as of January 2021; consult your tax advisor).

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eNow solar system size depends on the total energy demand placed on them by the lighting system. eNow solar systems can be configured to meet any safety lighting application.