eNow 100W Solar Battery Maintainer System


Complete kit, includes UPS ground shipping within Continental US


Ideal for vehicles that are powered-off for extended periods and for vehicles with liftgates, safety lighting, monitoring equipment, or other auxiliary systems that run on 12-volt batteries.

For liftgate battery charging

For first responder safety lighting applications

eNow systems work with any type of battery and can be mounted on tractors or trailers, or both. Our patented, advanced technology and experience in solar power means our systems are durable, efficient, and optimized for the transportation industry.

eNow solar panels are uniquely layered polymer structures. Our technology is proprietary, patented, and unique to eNow. eNow solar panels are thin, lightweight, and flexible. They easily conform to roof contours, and, because they are mounted with adhesives, roof penetrations are minimized. Our eNow charge controller means the system is highly reliable; built-in safety features include protection against short circuit, overload, surge, and reverse current.

For HVAC applications of all sizes






Performance Features

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Incorporates ETFE in the outer layer, so snow and debris brush off
  • Rugged; will stand up to truck washes, snow removal, low branches
  • Salt and corrosion resistant
  • Aerodynamic – just 0.125-inch thick
  • Maintain high performance in low-light conditions
  • Waterproof, “smart” MPPT charge controller

eNow systems include a “smart” MPPT charge controller that continually monitors battery voltage and temperature – so it always delivers the correct charge to the battery. This feature protects batteries from overcharge or surges and dramatically extends battery life while reducing downtime from dead batteries.

Benefits and Savings

  • Eliminates jump starts due to dead batteries
  • Extends battery life by maintaining optimum voltage
  • Increases number of operating cycles per day
  • Reduces idling and associated fuel costs
  • Lowers maintenance costs and reduces wear on alternator
  • Helps you comply with all anti-idling regulations
  • Reduces battery bank size
  • Eliminates downtime

System includes: eNow solar panel, 36-foot wiring harness, fuses, charge controller, and a remote LED indicator that signals when the batteries are being charged by solar, as well as over-voltage, under-voltage, and other fault codes; installation instructions; 5-year warranty including parts and labor.

Solar Panel Specs

Description: 100 Watts
Type of Cells: Multi-crystalline cells
Junction Box Location: Top-mounted
Installation: Adhesive-back permanent mounting
Dimensions: 42.5” x 26” x 0.125”  [1080 x 660 x 3.2mm]
Weight: 8.0 pounds (with adhesive)  [3.6kg]

Charge Controller Specs

Nominal Battery Charge: 12 VDC
Max. PV Input Power: 100W
Battery Charging Profile: 3 Mode Charging – (bulk, absorption, float)
Charger Control Algorithm: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Dimensions: 3” x 5” x 1.5”
Weight: 1.2 lbs.
Operating Temperature: -40 to +50°F  (-40 to +122°C)

Download 100 watt system spec sheets