Warwick, RI. (March 5, 2014) – Thanks to a new marketing alliance between Palfinger Liftgates and eNow, liftgate users will be able to operate liftgates using the power of the sun.  Palfinger, a leader of liftgate technology and innovations in North America, has added eNow’s 100-Watt eCharge Solar Battery Charger as an optional feature on all liftgate systems.

“We are constantly on the look-out for value-added features that are also good for the environment,” said Hakan Peterson, President of Palfinger Liftgates. “The eCharge system fits this niche because it can help our customers extend the delivery cycle and reduce wear and tear on liftgate batteries and other electrical components,” Peterson said. The system, mounted on the trailer roof, is not only charging when the tractor is hooked up and driving down the road, but all the time when the sun is up either at the yard or parked on the street outside a business with the tractor shut off.

Liftgate batteries are notorious for running out of charge, curtailing delivery cycles or leaving drivers stranded without liftgate capacity. The eCharge system ensures that liftgate batteries are topped off and ready to go. Batteries are never left in a discharged state, and high-idle operations to charge batteries are avoided. The system extends liftgate battery life for 1-2 years.  Added battery life, extended delivery cycle, and avoided road service calls contribute to a short payback period of 18 months or less.

“In Palfinger we are working with one of the most respected names in the transportation industry,” said eNow President and CEO Jeff Flath, adding that performance tests demonstrate that the eCharge system can help customers cut operating costs and boost productivity, resulting in a quick return on investment.

The announcement with Palfinger extends eNow’s growing reach across the industry. Previously announced marketing partners include Bergstrom, Mitsubishi Fuso of North America, Hercules Mfg., and Anthony Liftgate.

eNow’s solar-based auxiliary power systems are specifically designed for the transportation industry, including medium and heavy-duty trucks, commercial buses, school buses and military vehicles. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved the use of eNow’s solar-powered auxiliary power system on heavy-duty diesel fueled vehicles.


The 100-Watt eCharge Solar Battery Charger is easily installed on any truck rooftop and keeps liftgate batteries charged.