Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research (“CAR”) recently released a report showing that eNow’s solar auxiliary power systems can significantly improve fuel economy by utilizing solar power to charge a vehicle’s auxiliary batteries.  These savings are a real game changer and substantially impacts fleet economics.  Through various dynamometer tests, CAR was able to show improvement in fuel economy through offloading the vehicle’s alternator by charging the auxiliary batteries with solar instead.  Some highlights from the test are:

  1. Testing was done on most stringent Class 8 Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks (HDDT). Results should be similar for light duty and medium duty vehicles as well.
  2. Testing was done over three driving cycles (long distance, urban and idling) covering the range of how vehicles are currently operated.
  3. Test results showed fuel economy increases of 1.4% to 15.7% which is meaningful to both private and for hire fleet owners.
  4. Reduction in maintenance costs is not included in the estimated savings, further improving the cost savings of using solar.
  5. Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will also enable operators to meet current and future government standards.

You can download the full report here.