The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is considering changes in the Truck and Bus Regulation to make it easier for fleets to comply with emissions reduction requirements.

According to a recent HDT article, “The amendments are designed to provide new flexibility to truck and bus fleet owners working to clean up their aging diesel vehicles while still protecting the important emission benefits the regulation provides.”
Motion towards new amendments started when fleet owners began to voice their concerns regarding their ability to comply with current regulations. The anticipated changes aim to further emissions reduction goals by ensuring that fleets can meet the requirements of the regulation.
“We recognize the huge investments that many business owners have already made in order to meet the requirements of the Truck and Bus Regulation,” said CARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols. “Their efforts have gone a long way toward helping us to meet our mandatory deadlines and we laud them for what they have accomplished.”

The proposed changes include:

• A longer phase-in period for diesel particulate matter requirements for trucks that operate exclusively in certain rural areas with cleaner air;
• Additional time and a lower cost route for all small fleet owners to meet their PM compliance requirements, while reopening opportunities for these fleet owners to apply for and receive public incentive funding;
• A compliance route for owners currently unable to qualify for a loan to finance required upgrades;
• Adjusted schedules for low-use vehicles and  certain work trucks; and
• Recognition of fleet owners who took action to comply by providing additional “useable life” for retrofit trucks and reducing near-term compliance requirements.

For more information, see: Proposed Amendments to the Truck and Bus Regulation.