Fuel cost savings demonstrated by eNow technology are featured in the winter edition of Directions, the magazine of the American Moving and Storage Association.  The magazine spotlights corporate efforts to reduce environmental impacts of the relocation industry.

The article features the successful performance of eNow’s eCharge HVAC systems deployed on ten different vehicles owned and operated by Arpin Van Lines, a national moving company based in Rhode Island. Under a variety of weather conditions the eCharge systems yielded an 18-month payback and subsequent annual fuel savings of $8,000 and $12,000 per vehicle.  The demonstration test is a partnership between the moving company, its subsidiary, Arpin Renewable Energy, and eNow, Inc.

The Arpin example also showed that a typical eCharge HVAC system provides more than enough power to run a cabin comfort system, and can direct excess energy to reduce parasitic load on the alternator, further contributing to fuel savings.