“The latest report by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reconfirms that averting catastrophic climate change is possible if we act now,” said Adnan Z. Amin, the International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA) Director-General, at the opening of the World Green Economy Summit in Dubai, “But we need to act decisively. Renewable energy, in combination with energy efficiency, provides the most affordable and technologically mature path to bring about the necessary change.”

Amin’s statements paralleled the IPCC’s call to action on limiting global temperature increases and averting catastrophic climate change. IRENA supports renewable energy as the economically viable and technologically proven option to keep CO2 levels below the common threshold of 450 parts per million (ppm).

Not only are renewable energies capable of meeting such environmental standards, but they also have many socio-economic benefits to offer. A potential 11 million global jobs are projected to come out of such an aggressive renewable energy movement as well as a dramatic reduction in dependence on imported energy.

Throughout his address to the Summit, Amin continued to highlight renewables as the world’s best economic and technological option. Renewable energy technologies are constantly evolving and improving in areas of performance, cost and deployment.

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