HDT January cover 5.inddBehind the scenes of the trucking industry, there are experts and professionals of various fields whose main focus is on providing the front line with up-to-date news, advancements in technology and new industry solutions. Their reports are crucial to the progress of transportation as companies fight to stay ahead of the economic race and improve bottom lines.

For Heavy Duty Trucking, the task of selecting the top 20 products of each year’s innovations is not taken lightly. “Each product was selected based on its level of innovation, whether it addresses significant industry issues or concerns, and its potential to improve a trucking operation’s bottom line,” said Deborah Lockridge, writer at HDT, in her announcement of the Top 20 list.

The 2014 Top 20 includes a variety of new technologies designed to improve communications between fleets and base of operations, enhance engine performance, boost fuel economy and lower emissions. eNow’s eCharge solar-powered idle reduction charging systems was among the products featured by HDT this year.

HDT’s Top 20 is an important tool available to help trucking operations keep abreast of new innovations and solutions.  For more information and a complete list of the HDT top 20 products of 2014, click here.