Solar Battery APU Charging for HVAC and Hotel Loads

eNow solar systems maintain an optimal charge on the four auxiliary batteries in a battery-APU (auxiliary power system). This not only significantly extends e-APU runtime, but battery life as well. It reduces costly battery replacements and APU maintenance — and eliminates unnecessary engine idling and diesel fuel consumption.

eNow solar systems are ideal for vehicles with:

Extended rest periods during long-haul trips

High fuel and maintenance costs from diesel APUs

High battery replacement costs due to high energy demand

Limited access to shore power while on the road

The Problem

Drivers need to rest. And they need to stay cool, charge phones and computers, and run refrigerators and microwaves. To meet energy demands, a truck at rest must idle for 10 hours a day or longer.

The EPA estimates that idling a heavy-duty truck’s engine consumes 1 gallon of diesel fuel per hour.

Idling 8 hours a day x 300 days = 2,400 gallons of diesel fuel

This more than 10% of the truck’s annual fuel use and equals 2,400 gallons of wasted fuel each year. In addition, it causes wear on the internal engine parts. The ATA technology council estimates that one hour of idling equals about 7 miles driving.

The eNow Solution

With eNow, auxiliary batteries are charged continuously even when the engine is off. This means the driver begins each rest period with a full battery charge.

eNow is a “smart” system, directed by the charge controller. If the driver rests overnight, as soon as the sun rises, the charge controller does a bulk charge to replenish the batteries. Once the charger detects a full battery, it goes into a trickle charge (or float) mode. It will continually trickle charge the batteries during daylight hours. If rest is taken during the day, the charge controller will detect increased battery use and adjust accordingly. This all happens automatically, with no driver action required.

The Savings

Through customer feedback and testing, we know that use of eNow systems results in:

  • Lower alternator replacement and maintenance costs through reduced use
  • Extended battery life as batteries are never left in a discharged or partially charged state
  • Extended no-idle period; extended from 8-10 hours to 14+ hours when rest period includes daylight hours
  • Reduced fuel use
  • Higher cooling power output; can operate with a 24V (or higher) auxiliary HVAC system to provide twice the cooling power of current 12V systems
  • Bonus – the eNow solar system can also keep the truck’s (crank) battery fully charged

The reduction in fuel use combined with lower maintenance costs means that the payback period for eNow solar is only 1-2 years.

Eligible for 22% solar tax credit (as of January 2021; consult your tax advisor).

Get Started.

Your eNow system size will depend the number and type of auxiliary batteries and the total demand placed on them by the auxiliary systems. eNow panels lead the industry in size and efficiency, so we can handle the larger loads demanded by HVAC. Our installed systems range from one panel on the tractor to a series of panels on the trailer depending on your energy needs. Please contact us to quote a system that will ensure success for your battery charging goals.