Have you ever driven by a truck and thought “what is all that smoke doing to the air and environment”?  With all the news on renewable energy, how can we sit back and watch and not be aware of how this affects our health, economy and planet?

Trucks are a major source of smog, of toxic chemical pollution and soot which has been linked to respiratory problems.  What impact does truck pollution have on the air we breathe?  An analysis by state and local clean air regulators concludes that more than 125,000 Americans will get cancer from diesel fumes.  Other studies have linked diesel exhaust to the development of asthma.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, even the newest and most efficient semi trucks contribute significant amounts of air pollution, while older trucks are an even bigger threat.  Greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels make their way into the earth’s atmosphere, where they trap solar energy.  This trapped heat raises the earth’s average temperature and results in changing weather patterns, a phenomenon known s global warming.  According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, motor vehicle emissions from cars and trucks represent about 25 percent of all US Carbon emissions.

How can we stop this from ruining our planet and health while keeping our much needed transportation industry thriving?  Education and the investment in new technology  will keep our drivers safe and the air cleaner.  The transportation industry is important to our economy as well as keeping and adding much needed jobs in the United States.  What are we doing to make this important industry segment stronger while protecting our health and planet?