imagesCAF0EQC3According to the International Business Times (1), a few weeks is all it would take to survive a zombie apocalypse. National Wildlife Federation naturalist, David Mizejewski, predicts that wildlife animals would take on most of the grunt work. He says zombies would be walking, delicious food for predators, especially because they are slow and easy to hunt. There are many animals that would be happy to feast on zombie flesh.

In the meantime, there’s no better place to wait out the apocalypse than in your truck equipped with an eNow solar based auxiliary power system. Chances are your cab is already furnished with all the necessities to survive in your truck for a few weeks. If not, all it would take is a cautious trip into the vacant Walmart down the street to snag everything you need.

Not only would eNow solar systems be able to provide power to your mini fridge and communication devices, but it would also make for a luxurious stay, powering your HVAC system and allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature during your stakeout. Even at night, stored power would provide you with a pretty decent sleeping environment. On a sunny day you may even be able to keep yourself entertained with power to your laptop and television.

Be sure to grab whatever you need to securely lock yourself inside your truck should the zombies try to break in. But don’t worry about your solar panels. Those babies have been tested to withstand extreme weather conditions that are much more destructible than a few zombies jumping around on your roof.

So find yourself a safe place to park your truck for a few weeks, turn off your engine, kick up your feet and let our wildlife do all the work. Happy Halloween! Stay safe out there.

(1) “Zombie Survival Guide: What To Do To Stay Alive During The Undead Apocalypse, According To Science.” International Business Times. Web. 29 Oct. 2013.