We recently had the opportunity to visit Ponagansett High School and demonstrate eNow’s systems to Mr. Ross McCurdy and his students.

Ponagansett High School is actively teaching their students about “alternative technologies”. They use various alternative technologies to heat the school and power their vehicles and have built a lab where the students can actually learn about these technologies and understand how they can impact the world. During our visit they showed us their Fuel Cell Powered Model T, their Biodiesel Pickup Truck, which crossed the US on one tank of fuel, their Solar Shed, and their Biomass Heating System which uses waste wood chips as their fuel source.

We wish Mr. McCurdy the best on his new venture of flying a biodiesel powered airplane from RI to the West Coast. He is a great example of how we can educate our children, and put our words into action to demonstrate how the world works.