March 14, 2017—Warwick, RI—eNow, a leader in renewable energy solutions for the commercial trucking, RV and marine industries, announced today that it has developed the eNow Savings Calculator to accurately gauge just how much a vehicle can expect to save by deploying eNow’s Energy-as-a-Service (EAS) solar panel solutions. The online calculator breaks down savings for each of the areas eNow’s solutions, including battery charge, safety lighting systems, no idle HVAC systems, lift gate battery systems, and refrigeration systems (hybrid cold plate).

“We wanted to be able to make the cost savings easy to calculate and have provided a seamless platform on which to do so,” said Jeff Flath, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of eNow. “As the first such calculator of its kind, we expect it to be widely deployed by current and potential customers.”

The online calculator further calculates savings based on cost of installation, years equipment will be in service, eligibility for Federal Solar Tax Credit, eligibility for Depreciation Credit, state tax rate, federal tax rate, and company income. Such calculations will allow for an accurate estimate of fuel savings and also take into account financing plans.

Through Ascentium Capital, eNow can offer financing (for qualified customers) for the solar panels, the batteries and electronics where the customer can apply for the 30% Tax Credit and Section 179 Bonus Depreciation. Ascentium Capital also offers no payments for three (3) months as well, and terms up to 48 months. Payback on the cost of eNow installations tends to occur within the first year based on overall fuel savings. Generous financing plan terms mean that eNow customers can earn such payback with no money down.

To try out the eNow Savings Calculator, simply go to the following link:

About eNow
eNow’s proprietary solar panel systems use the latest in technology to capture and convert the sun’s energy into useable power. The transportation industry can use this “clean renewable energy”, thereby reducing operating costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Whether you are an OEM, fleet owner, an owner operator or a driver, eNow is the energy solution for the transportation industry.  Our goal is to help the industry become more profitable, enhance the driver experience and improve the environment. eNow solar panels capture energy to power HVAC, refrigeration, lift gate, battery charging, and safety lighting.

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