Run on Less, the cross-country road show showcasing fuel economy organized by the North American Council for Freight efficiency, proved that 10 mpg is possible for commercial trucks that utilize technologies available on the market today. eNow solar was featured on three of the participating trucks.

“Run on Less demonstrated that it’s possible for fleets to increase fuel savings significantly right now,” says Jeff Flath, President & CEO of eNow. “eNow systems are currently installed on more than 4,500 vehicles fleets across the country. These fleets are saving money by reducing fuel use and reducing maintenance costs while also reducing emissions. With our systems featured in Run on Less, we were able to highlight the fact that you can install eNow solar today and see measurable results right away.”

The trucks equipped with eNow solar were driven by Henry Albert, Albert Transport, Inc.; Roberto Sandoval, Mesilla Valley Transportation; and Mark Risien, US Xpress. Mesilla Valley and US Xpress are existing eNow solar customers utilizing solar in their fleets; Henry Albert installed his eNow system earlier this year.

Mesilla Valley and US Xpress have the eNow 310-watt system installed on the tractor. Because Henry Albert’s trailer is permanently attached to the tractor, he opted for a 930-watt system installed on the trailer. The eNow systems were used in combination with other technologies that varied for each truck.

The Run on Less data shows that, if the 1.7 million trucks on North American highways today achieved the same level of efficiency as the trucks participating in the event, they would save 9.7 billion gallons of diesel fuel, 24.3 billion dollars, and reduce CO2 emissions by 98 million ton each year.

The seven participating trucks drove a combined 50,107 miles during the 17-day event. They achieved a cumulative average of 10.1 mpg during 99 days of driving, and saved 2,877 gallons of fuel and $7,193 against the national average of 6.4 mpg.  The highest mpg achieved was 12.8, and three different trucks had days over 12.5 mpg.

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