eNow a leader in the renewable energy industry joins Arpin Renewable Energy to find a solution to reduce emissions, add convenience to their drivers and convert truck rooftops into clean power plants.

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“The collaborative with Jeff and the entire eNow team has been fantastic.  Jeff’s team, some of whom started with us, are amazingly creative, driven and very much focused on offering company’s like ours a means to save money, time and significantly reduce our carbon footprint”, said Peter Arpin, Partner Arpin Group.  “We are honored to be a partner, a customer and a part of what is going to be a sustainable legacy that will completely change the transportation landscape–worldwide,” added Arpin.

The goals for Arpin were to reduce emissions, add convenience to the driver’s job and convert the truck rooftops into clear power plants.  eNow brought the technology for the PV panels, the applications for refrigeration, technical resouces for the project so that Arpin could reach their goals.