mobile lab examples

Interactive, mobile laboratories (classrooms on wheels) have significant power needs that lend themselves to eNow solar technologies

eNow showcased its mobile solar systems at the 2018 Mobile Laboratory Coalition Conference in Detroit, MI on July 25-27.  STEM professionals and educators from around the world gathered there to learn about advances in mobile teaching labs – such as powering mobile laboratories with eNow’s mobile solar systems. Traveling laboratory education programs help address the nation’s science education challenge by providing equity of access to authentic hands-on, inquiry-based, contemporary science education for K-12 students. The Mobile Laboratory Coalition conference was hosted by Triune Specialty Trailers and MdBio Foundation and takes place at Wayne State University.

Photos: (top) courtesy of Mobile Laboratory Coalition; (bottom) eNow-powered Navistar Super Truck; (inset) eNow’s mobile solar power system demo vehicle.