eNow Technology Benefits

Our proprietary solar systems use advanced technology to capture and convert the sun’s energy into useable power. This clean renewable energy charges your vehicle batteries, eliminating the need for engine idling. This reduces operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Advanced Solar Technology

eNow offers the most advanced solar-powered systems available. Our range of products are designed to withstand the rigors of the road and weather, and to provide maximum energy output even under overcast conditions.

A Built-In Mobile Power Station

eNow enables owners and operators to turn their vehicles into mobile power stations by generating energy to power auxiliary equipment and systems, even while the ignition switch is turned off, right from the roof of the tractor or trailer.

Fits Every Application

eNow’s solar solutions are designed specifically for transportation needs. The panels are extremely thin (just 0.125”) to be aerodynamic, and they are flexible enough to bend around curved applications, such as tractor cowlings.

The benefits of the eNow diesel-free, solar-powered battery charging system include:

Optimized panel sizes, layouts, and weight

Solar panels and systems utilize a modular architecture to cover a wide variety of configurations for tractors and trailers, and can adapt to future system expansion.

Ruggedized components to achieve superior reliability

In the challenging operational and environmental conditions of the over road transportation industry, tough and reliable components are critical.

Multi-voltage configurations for any application

eNow offers a number of multi-voltage system configurations to meet the requirements of any solar-charging application.

Integrated safety features

eNow systems are built to transportation industry standards. The batteries are always protected from overcharging and surges, with no driver interaction required.

Charges even when the truck is not in use

eNow systems generate energy to power auxiliary equipment and systems even while the ignition switch is turned off. Batteries remain at a healthy state of charge, extending their useful life.

Optimized for ease of installation and service

The systems are optimized for ease of installation based on the unique requirements of the transportation industry. After installation, there is no service or driver interaction required.

Reduced carbon emissions to meet anti-idling laws

The eNow system eliminates carbon emissions usually associated with charging the battery (engine idling). You achieve corporate carbon reduction goals and meet anti-idling laws.

Designed to help achieve fuel efficiency improvement goals

The eNow system will help achieve fuel efficiency improvement goals. You can eliminate 10+ hours of idling per day with eNow solar and extend the run time of equipment such as liftgates.

Provides a connection to the "green" movement and healthy ROI

Provides your organization with an easily observed connection to the “green” movement. And, through fuel savings, reduced battery replacement costs, and reduced maintenance, reduces operating costs.

How can eNow technology help your business?

Contact one of our representatives to learn more about how we can help your business succeed with eNow.