August 30, 2016—Warwick, RI—eNow, a leader in renewable energy solutions for the commercial trucking, RV and marine industries, today announced a channel partner relationship with Vanner, an industry leader in developing energy solutions for transit and coach buses, ambulances, trucks, mobile office and military vehicles. Under the terms of the agreement, Vanner will be selling eNow’s renewable energy solutions to the commercial, transit, and school bus markets, including both OEMs and Aftermarket.

As the market leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing solar-based power systems for the commercial trucking, RV, and Marine industries, eNow’s solutions are known for their durability, superior power, low cost and quick return on investment. Over the past several years, eNow has made great progress within the transportation industry, including partnerships with industry leaders such as Dometic Group, Mitsubishi Fuso, Freightliner, and Navistar. The eNow solar solution is sold through OEMs and Aftermarket Dealers.

“We are honored to be working with Vanner,” said Jeff Flath, CEO and Founder of eNow. “As a pioneer and leader in innovative power solutions for the transportation industry, they continue to push forward on a number of fronts to address both energy and environmental issues in groundbreaking ways. We see this channel partnership as proof positive of the viability of our Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) renewable energy solutions for a variety of markets.”

Vanner has been a leader in Power Conversion and Energy Management for commercial transportation for more than 30 years. Vanner continuously innovates to change the way people work, live, and travel through engineering innovations for hybrid trucks and buses, delivering seamless mobile office power, and forging strategic partnerships to completely electrify the commercial vehicle. With the vision and experience to move truck, bus, ambulance, off-road, and work vehicles into the future with sophisticated systems that address critical power issues in each market, Vanner is transforming vehicles with innovative design, development, and delivery of complete power solutions.

“We are very selective about who we choose to work with as channel partners,” said Steve Funk, President of Vanner. “From the very beginning, we were very impressed not only by the overall durability of eNow’s solar panels, but also their ability to generate far more energy than any other comparable solution. As hybrid and electric buses continue to be widely adopted worldwide, we see our work with eNow as an important step forward for the bus industry with solutions that save both money and the environment.”

eNow’s solar solutions for the transportation market continue to develop momentum. Earlier this month, eNow announced that it received a $400,000 grant from the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD)—also referred to as the Valley Air District—to deploy its air pollution and greenhouse gas reducing solar panel solutions in the area’s transportation networks, deploying a diesel free, all electric truck refrigeration unit powered by eNow solar panels and Johnson All Electric (AE) Cold Plate System in collaboration as well with Challenge Dairy and Emerson.

About eNow

eNow’s proprietary solar panel systems use the latest in technology to capture and convert the sun’s energy into useable power. The transportation industry can use this “clean renewable energy”, thereby reducing operating costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Whether you are an OEM, fleet owner, an owner operator or a driver, eNow is the energy solution for the transportation industry.  Our goal is to help the industry become more profitable, enhance the driver experience and improve the environment. eNow solar panels capture energy to power HVAC, refrigeration, lift gate, battery charging, and safety lighting.  

About Vanner Incorporated

Vanner Incorporated is a privately held company producing commercial vehicle energy management systems since 1977. Vanner is a leader in developing energy solutions for transit and coach buses, ambulances, trucks, mobile office and military vehicles. Vanner continues to solve operational, fuel efficiency and emission challenges for commercial transportation with awarding winning engineering and innovation. Vanner continues to bring to market, cost effective charging system solutions, with the latest being solar vehicle charging with the eNow high efficiency panels and controls. Other major technologies are Vanner’s Hybrid Beltless Alternators, that are the preferred choice by OEMs for a solid-state DC to DC converter, with over 2500 in revenue service. This year, Vanner began production of their Increased Accessory Power IITM  100% accessory electrification for hybrid transit buses. Vanner’s products are proven, road-tested, rugged, reliable and safe. Visit or call 1-800-227-6937.

Media Contact:
Emilio Dabul
Fastlane on behalf of eNow