eNow has partnered with Icon Wheelchairs to develop an innovative solution to the challenge of last-mile delivery. The solar-powered electric trike combines the all-terrain features developed for the Icon Explore wheelchair (shown, left) with the eNow solar panel trailer to provide an intracity package delivery solution with broad applications for large, congested urban areas.

“The new eNow trike combines rugged durability, ride stability, and capacity to enhance intracity transportation,” said Jeff Flath, President & CEO of eNow. “For standard battery-powered electric vehicles within large urban areas, it can be difficult to find both a power source and adequate time to charge your batteries. The eNow solar panel is a reliable and renewable charging solution that works on the go, providing a solution for broad applications from bike messengers to traditional package delivery companies.”

Icon has been developing the Explore for the past ten years resulting in advanced, intuitive, and reliable off-road accessibility. Throughout its development, the Icon Explore has been the focus of continuous innovation resulting in greater access and a richer user experience.  Combining the rugged Explore with the eNow solar panel trailer allows an almost unlimited range and the ability to pack up to 150 lbs of cargo on the solar trailer.

eNow offers the most advanced solar-powered systems designed to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors. The flexible, NASA-level engineering of the eNow system will handle whatever comes its way; the eNow solar trailer is waterproof and provides maximum energy output even under poor sunlight or overcast conditions.

For purchase information, please visit www.iconwheelchairs.com.