“Zero-Emission All-Electric Reefers”

Photo of eNow Rayfrigeration reefer trailer powered by XL Fleet

The Future of Refrigerated Transportation is here and now.

eNow has partnered with industry-leader XL Fleet to electrify eNow’s award-winning Rayfrigeration™ trailers. Fleets can now cut operating costs by 30-50% – and their diesel reefer emissions to zero. Coupled with the availability of substantial Federal and State incentive programs, eNow and XL Fleet’s clean technology warrants a close look. Click on the links below to learn more.


Overviews, data and spec sheets

Economic and Environmental Benefits with eNow Rayfrigeration™ Trailer Systems

  • Qualifies for multiple voucher programs including DERA and CARB-CORE
  • Saves 30-50% in fleet operating and maintenance costs
  • Extends asset life to 10-12 years
  • Requires less maintenance than diesel reefer systems
  • Eliminates noise: using silent solar energy by day and shore power at night
  • 26% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit may apply (consult your tax advisor)

eNow Rayfrigeration™ Trailer System Components are Best-in-Class

1. eNow-XL Fleet Battery Power Systems combine best-in-class solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, Li-ion batteries, and CANbus telematics to deliver a reliable, silent, emission-free source of renewable energy to operate the electric reefer system for up to 12 hours. Longer still with our hybrid option. 

2. Carrier Vector Series Electric Reefer Units are the industry’s leading electric reefer units – offering high reliability and efficiency savings. They provide environmentally sustainable power with reduced or no diesel emissions and a lower carbon footprint.

3. Customer-Specified Reefer Trailers from the top five OEMs: Great Dane, Hyundai, Utility, Vanguard, and Wabash National.

4. XL Fleet eTRU Charging Infrastructure provides commercial-grade, cost-effective power stations that provide easy access to 208VAC – 480VAC corded connectors for refrigerated trailer electric standby.

System Component Warranties

  • eNow Power System: (solar, battery and electronics) = 5-years parts and labor + 5-years pro-rated parts only
  • Carrier Vector Refrigeration Systems: 8-years or 16,000 hours, whichever comes first.

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