eNow Rayfrigeration Wabash MSC trailer

eNow Rayfrigeration™ Trailer System Components:



eNow Solar Panels on Wabash MSC roof

1.eNow Rayfrigeration™ Power System. eNow combines best-in-class solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, Li-ion batteries, and CANbus telematics to deliver a reliable, silent, emission-free source of renewable energy to operate the electric reefer system for up to 12 hours.

First, an array of thin, lightweight, photovoltaic (PV) panels, permanently adhered to the trailer roof capture sunlight (even on cloudy days) and convert it to electricity. The MPPT solar charge controller maximizes the power output of the PV panels and efficiently charges the auxiliary battery system – to maintain a healthy state of charge (SOC) and extend battery life.

Electronic power inverters convert the DC battery power into the three-phase AC power needed to run the electric reefer unit. The eNow system typically supplies more than 33% of the energy to run the electric refrigeration unit, which allows the battery to be smaller and the duration of the delivery route to be longer.

eNow Power Management Panel

eNow uses the latest high-capacity Lithium-Ion storage technology and offers battery capacities for most applications, ranging from 20kWh to 80kWh. The battery system is designed to be charged exclusively by solar and utility power, but for redundancy, the vehicle’s electrical system (alternator) is also capable of charging the auxiliary batteries when the vehicle’s engine is operating. The unit is located on the underside of the trailer.



2. Carrier All-Electric Vector 8100 Reefer. The Vector 8100 from Carrier is the industry’s leading all-electric reefer unit offering high reliability and efficiency savings. It is an environmentally sustainable system with no diesel engine emissions, a lower carbon footprint, and an extremely quiet solution for deliveries in urban areas and DC operations in residential neighborhoods. In addition to many high-performance features, it has a smart energy management system that adjusts to changes in electrical supply, and ORBCOMM temperature management telematics. MORE INFO


Wabash MSC Reefer Trailer

3. Wabash MSC Reefer Trailer. The new Molded Structural Composite (MSC) reefer trailer from Wabash National delivers a 30% higher level of thermal efficiency – and is also lighter and stronger than conventional reefer trailers. This reduces operating costs and increases revenue per mile. The foundation of MSC technology is its foam-insulated core, encapsulated in a polymer fiber-reinforced shell with a protective gel coat surface. This advanced composite is not only 37 times less conductive than aluminum, it prevents water intrusion, slows foam degradation which extends equipment life. MORE INFO



4. Convoy Solutions eTRU Charging Systems. These commercial-grade, cost-effective power stations (above left) and pedestals (above right) provide easy access to 208VAC – 480VAC corded connectors for refrigerated trailer electric standby. Constructed of robust powder-coated stainless steel, they are designed to look great and perform for years in harsh outdoor conditions. Their modular design simplifies maintenance and minimizes downtime. MORE INFO

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eNow Rayfrigeration™ trailer systems are available in 48-ft and 53-ft lengths with power units from 20 kWh to 80 kWh for a variety of single-temp refrigerated freight applications.

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