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Can you imagine the day when, not only will solar power reduce fuel cost on vehicles, but when these vehicles are parked, the energy produced by these solar panels can be used to power our homes and businesses?  Next time you drive by a school, or drive by a warehouse filled with parked trucks, imagine if each of these vehicles had solar panels installed on the roof. How much power do you think these parked vehicles would generate?


Our team did some quick math (unscientific) and estimated that by installing 3,750 watts of power on each vehicle, using the national average of daily solar production each of these vehicles would produce 4621 kwh per year.

Multiply this times 16,000,000 vehicles (i.e., 15 million medium and heavy duty trucks, 480,000 school buses and 805,000 commercial buses) you get a total of 68,180,000,000 kWH per year.

Then let’s assume these vehicles are parked only 50% of the time. Take 68,180,000,000 times .5 and you get 34,090,000,000 kWh’s per year.

Based on the US Department of Energy, the average home in the US uses approximately 10,500 kWh’s per year. When you do the math and divide the 34,090,000,000 by the average kWh’s used of 10,500, this would result in enough energy being produce to power 3,200,000 average size homes per year.

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2009 there were 79,918,000 single family housing units in the US.

Just imagine what is possible.