I recently read a great article (December Landline Magazine) about how the employees of Bridgestone reached out to help people affected by this deadly disease in Liberia. Sometimes business is about more than making money. In this case Bridgestone proved just that. When an employee of Firestone (sister company) Liberia contracted the deadly disease the employees of Firestone Liberia jumped into action. When the Liberian government told Firestone there was nothing they could do, Firestone developed their own plans. They immediately developed a plan to detect, quarantine and treat people affected by the disease.

To put the enormity of this in to perspective, the 88 year old Firestone Liberia plantation covers 185 square miles and employs 8,000 people. Since many workers and their families live on the plantation there are nearly 80,000 living within the borders of the plantation.

In October, Firestone Liberia had identified 78 Ebola cases, unfortunately 55 of the 78 cases resulted in death, but they were able to save 23 of the people who were affected. Because of Firestone Liberia’s efforts the Liberian government itself learned from Firestone’s quick actions of containment and treatment.

Again, we want to applaud Bridgestone/Firestone for their quick actions and dedication to their employees. During this crisis it was not about money, it was about doing the right thing.