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eNow one of 10 Best Tech Start-ups in RI

(July 25, 2018) The online publication Tech Tribune announced their list of the best tech startups in each state this week. Proudly, eNow was selected as one of the top ten in the state of Rhode Island. The Tech Tribune staff conducted research using criteria that...

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Tax Increases on Fuel Continue to Add Up

With the latest increases announced in California and Oregon, 18 states have either increased or announced upcoming tax increases on fuel. The increases vary by state, but range from 0.3 cents in Maryland to 20 cents per gallon in California. Other states that have...

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Henry Albert

As a rule, Henry Albert is more likely to see possibility than detriment.

So when the chance arose to explore the use of solar to heat and cool his rig, he was onboard immediately. He already was using a version of Freightliner’s battery-based no idle/idle elimination HVAC systems for sleeper trucks, and a visit with a solar solution provider helped him see additional opportunities.

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Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla announced the availability of its solar roof tiles a couple weeks ago. The tiles, which are glass and come in four different styles, easily blend into existing roof tiles and come with a lifetime warranty. This is certainly innovative and clever to have solar tiles that are aesthetically pleasing.

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Shooting for 100% Clean Energy

In a recent Environmental Defense Fund article, “This Earth Day 100% Clean Energy is 100% Possible,” it makes us stop and think how close we are to that reality. Certainly, anything is possible. It’s just a matter of time and investment to make that dream a reality....

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