imagesCASOPRH4A recent industry survey finds that improved fuel economy is number one on the wish list for trucks of the future. Solar technology that helps offset fuel use, such as eNow’s, is noted as one of the design features that may help achieve better fuel economy.

An article in Trucking Info magazine reports on the findings of the American Trucking Association’s Future Truck program. This program was established in 1984 to look at what ATA members and others in the industry want and expect in the trucks of tomorrow.  Of the “8 Things to Expect on Tomorrow’s Trucks,” “Better fuel economy” is at the top of the list.

“Fuel economy is being driven both by fleet demand and by federal regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Wade Long, Volvo Trucks director of product marketing. With the first round of GHG regulations already in effect for 2014, the next set of regulations are expected to start in 2019.

New technologies such as solar powered idle reduction systems used to provide auxiliary power, to a range of truck loads will continue progress toward better fuel economy. With exciting advancements in no idle technology, targeted fuel economy of 10-15 mpg seems more than attainable.