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It was great to exhibit at the 9th Annual AltWheels Fleet Day this past Monday. We were one of sixty (60) vehicles on display. Technologies on display included, electric trucks and cars, CNG, Propane and LNG conversions, and of course eNow’s “solar demonstration vehicle”. Companies, such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, BAF, American Power Group, and XL Hybrid were all exhibiting their latest technologies.

Users, such as Pepsi/Frito Lay, Staples, National Grid, NSTAR, Massport, Clean cities and American Public Works Association, attended the event to see how alternative technology vehicles could lower operating costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I would say that the number one take away from the expo is that energy costs are first and foremost on everyone’s mind. Whether it is federal, state and local fleets, utility companies, consumer companies, or transportation fleets, everyone knows they need to find ways to lower energy costs.
About AltWheels/Fleet Day:

AltWheels is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization who’s mission is to help build a “Sustainable Transportation and Energy Vision for the 21st Century.” AltWheels started in 2003 with a large public festival originally held at Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline, MA and starting in 2006 at Boston City Hall Plaza where in 2007 AltWheels’s public festival had over 25,000 participants.

AltWheels mission is to showcase the best technology, educate passenger and fleet consumers about available technologies and the real choices that exist, and stimulate the demand for choices that will improve our health, air quality, and sustainable survival. Since 2007 AltWheels has focused on an event to educate Fleet Managers about available options in an annual event held in Framingham. AltWheels has won awards for its powerful role shaping education on alternative transportation options from EPA Region I, from the Women in Transportation Seminar for national leadership on the alternative transportation topic, and for individual initiatives. AltWheels has been featured on a NOVA special on PBS, on Channel 5, Fox News, the Boston Globe, the Christian Science Monitor among many other leading publications and media.