According to the U.S. Energy Department, China and India are predicted to be the driving force behind the growing energy consumption rates, states the Wall Street Journal (1).  Therefore, we can expect to see more use of all forms of energy in the near future.

The article also reports that the Energy Information Administration estimated that the world-wide use of energy will swell to 56% by 2040 compared with 2010 levels, mostly for transportation and electricity.

This global economic growth will increase demand for renewable energy sources.  Some energy sources include:

  • Renewable – solar, water, biomass, wind, etc.
  • Nuclear
  • Electricity
  • Fossil – coal, oil and natural gas

Solar power continues to be one of the most sought after alternative forms of energy.   Not only in homes, but in the transportation industry, more and more regulations are demanding an alternative to fuel.

Why solar?

The energy production of solar is free, using the renewable source of sunlight.  It can be used in several ways to help reduce fuel consumption and meet regulatory requirements.

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1) “China, India to Drive World’s Growing Energy Use –” The Wall Street Journal – 29 July 2013.