Powering Possibilities

eNow helps commercial transportation companies and recreational vehicle owners reduce the total cost of ownership of their vehicle and become more comfortable, compliant and environmentally responsible. eNow’s solar energy solutions create everlasting energy for the vehicle and its auxiliary equipment.

The Future of Refrigerated Transportation.

eNow has partnered with industry-leader XL Fleet to electrify eNow’s award-winning Rayfrigeration™ trailers. Fleets can now cut operating costs by 30-50% – and their diesel reefer emissions to zero. Coupled with the availability of substantial Federal and State incentive programs, eNow and XL Fleet’s clean technology warrants a close look. Learn more.

eNow: The Future of Trucking

eNow's Intro to Solar-based Auxiliary Power for Trucking

eNow Solar Energy Solutions

Unlike trickle-charging solutions which typically generate upwards of 500 watts per day, eNow’s solar-powered idle reduction systems produce over 25,000 watts per day, to keep batteries well-charged to power auxiliary equipment.

NEW! Zero-Emission All-Electric Reefer Trailers

eNow’s all-electric refrigerated trailers cut operating costs 30–50% compared to diesel reefers. Now powered by XL Fleet.

Public Transit and School Buses

Fleets will cut costs by reducing jump starts, road service and downtime due to dead batteries. Battery life is also extended 2-3 times.


Extend liftgate battery life 2-3 times, reduce liftgate repairs, downtime and road service due to dead liftgate batteries.

Trickle Charge

Battery maintainer system keeps vehicle and auxiliary batteries topped off and ready to go. Extends battery life, too.

Safety Lights

Power emergency or safety lights even with the ignition turned off. No engine idling required.