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The Benefits

The Benefits of the eNow solar powered No-Idle charging system include:

  • Optimized panel sizes, layouts and weight for truck trailers.  Solar panels and systems utilize a modular architecture to cover a wide variety of system configurations and can adapt to future system expansion.
  • Ruggedized components to achieve superior reliability in the challenging operational and environmental conditions of the over road transportation industry.
  • Multi-voltage configurations to meet the needs of different solar-charging applications.
  • Integrated safety features to meet the unique demands of the transportation industry.  Systems are built to transportation industry standards.
  • Charges even when the truck is not in use.
  • The systems have been optimized for ease of installation and service based on the unique requirements of the transportation industry.  All necessary components for a proper installation are included.
  • The system reduces carbon emissions associated with charging the no-idle battery to help achieve corporate carbon reduction goals.
  • The system will help corporations achieve fuel efficiency improvement goals.
  • Provides any organization with an easily observed connection to the “green” movement.

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eNow prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. Each application can take as little as 2-4 hours to install. eNow can also handle large-scale production and fleet installation projects through its established global network of top-tier channel, service and supplier partnerships.