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Our Process

We start by understanding the needs of our customers. Whether you are an OEM, fleet owner, an owner operator or a driver, eNow takes the time to learn what your needs are and develops a solution targeting your goals. We generate, store, distribute, monitor and manage, and report the use of renewable energy from your vehicle.

First we determine your needs. What type of vehicle, what your energy concerns are, how you are currently getting and using your energy.  eNow’s primary solution takes in power by converting the sun’s energy into useable power within the structure of your vehicle.

We HARVEST energy through various sources:

  • Exhaust Recovery
  • Solar PV
  • Shore-power (utility)
  • Engine Alternator
  • Regenerative Shock Absorbers
  • Regenerative Brake Systems

Which is STORED in the:

  • Battery Systems
  • Super-Capcitor Sytems
  • Fuel Cell Systems


  • In-Cab HVAC, Communications & Entertainment
  • Roof De-Ice System
  • Safety Lighting
  • Engine Starting, Power Steering, Cooling & Other
  • Cold Plate & Evaporator Refrigeration
  • Lift Gates


You are no longer held to the restrictions of keeping your engine running or finding and plugging into a docking station. eNow safely provides renewable energy that will save you money, meet regulatory requirements and allow you to deliver on-time, all while protecting the environment.







eNow prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. Each application can take as little as 2-4 hours to install. eNow can also handle large-scale production and fleet installation projects through its established global network of top-tier channel, service and supplier partnerships.