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Lift Gate Solar Power Systems

eNow Model LG solar kit charges the Lift Gate batteries with no emissions of green house gasses, virtually eliminating charging from the trucks alternator and associated diesel consumption.

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eNow OSU Test Report

Fuel Economy and Performance Testing of a Class 8 Sleeper Tractor Simulating eNow’s Solar Charging System.  The goal of this project was to find what fuel economy differences existed, if any, between a class 8 tractor during normal operation and when charging a bank of auxiliary batteries. Normal operation was to simulate the benefits of the […]

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Solar Battery Trickle Charger Systems

The trickle charging system is designed to use solar power to keep your truck or bus batteries fully charged and conditioned when the vehicle is not running.  The system uses a small lightweight solar panel designed for the trucking industry which sits on top of your truck box body, bus, or even truck cab.

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Requirements for Using Solar Powered Lift Gate System

A Limited Analysis Guide for Estimating the Requirements for Using Solar Powered Lift Gate System

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Requirements for Using Solar Powered No-Idle System

The key to predicting solar power requirements is to understand and calculate the user load energy requirements.

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eNow prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. Each application can take as little as 2-4 hours to install. eNow can also handle large-scale production and fleet installation projects through its established global network of top-tier channel, service and supplier partnerships.