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Can solar help reduce cost in the transportation industry?

A: By using energy from the sun, we can eliminate or greatly reduce the power from the alternator or standalone diesel generator systems saving fuel and reducing greenhouse gases.

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How do I decrease “greenhouse gas emissions”?

A: By reducing the dependency on using fuel to power on-board electrical systems, less fuel is burned thus generating less greenhouse gases.

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How do I increase fuel mileage?

A: Generating electricity from solar instead of from the alternator reduces the alternator load and makes it easier for the engine to turn the alternator.  The ease of running the alternator translates into less fuel used.  Studies have shown that a savings of .2 gallons per hour can be achieved which translates into increased fuel mileage.

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What are the costs of the energy?

A: Solar energy is the ultimate renewable energy.  There are no operating costs to collect the energy once the system is purchased.  The return on investment is easily calculated because it is essentially just the initial cost of the components.

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What do you do with the energy?

A: When the energy is generated, it can be used immediately by the on-board electrical systems, or stored in a battery system for later use. Most eNow systems include some form of electrical storage because electrical loads are not usually constant or predictable.

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