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Solar Energy Tax Credits

Are your thinking about installing a new renewable energy system in your business? There is good news . . . there are some tax benefits that will reduce a good portion of the cost of buying and installing the new system.  This is done through an income tax credit and...

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Trucking Continues to Dominate Freight Transportation

The American Trucking Association (ATA) issued a report (1) showing that the trucking industry continues to dominate freight transportation. The purpose of this report is to outline the current state of the freight transportation industry and deliver an outlook for...

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Rising Fuel Prices and Fuel Saving Tactics

Why are gas prices rising? It’s no secret that gas prices have been fluctuating and on the rise for the last several years. Causing concern across the world, fuel prices are on the rise again. In a webinar by Fleet Safety and Efficiency, the average price of gas is...

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US Solar Has Second Best Quarter in its History

The U.S. solar industry continues to grow in its second quarter according to GTM Research and the Solar Energy Association (SEIA) report as discussed in a Solar Novus article (1). The report, US Solar Market Insight: 2nd Quarter 2013, provides the definitive analysis...

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Hybrid is Taking Over Bus Transportation

As our nation continues to become more and more focused on a greener future, the hybrid bus industry is taking advantage of the spotlight. Not only are these busses stepping onto the scene, but they are rapidly gaining popularity. According to Hybrid Buses (1),...

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