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Does Solar Technology Actually Work in Transportation?

Yes, solar technology has been proven to be very effective in the transportation industry. Solar systems that have been designed exclusively for vehicles are on the road today saving money on fuel and maintenance costs. These systems are also reducing emissions, including 140 pounds of carbon monoxide (CO), 190 pounds of nitrogen oxides (NOx), and […]

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How Solar Energy Can Impact Transportation

A Blog Article These days you can find solar power everywhere. It’s not just on rooftops or soaking up rays in expansive fields. You can find solar-powered calculators, cell phone chargers, grills and even bikinis. So it only makes sense that solar is making its debut on the road. Solar Roads For more than […]

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Trucking Continues as the Dominant Freight Mode

The latest edition of American Trucking trends confirmed that trucking is still the leader in freight throughout the United States. This news offers some relief for the industry after concerns of congestion and crippling infrastructure were paired with challenges brought on by new regulations. Here are some of the reported findings: • In 2013, trucks […]

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Climate Change is Not an Issue for Future Generations

The economy and quality of life for individuals around the world are continuing to be disrupted by extreme weather. Heat waves, drought, severe precipitation and other damaging weather events are appearing more often and are increasing in intensity. It’s no secret that human consumption of fossil fuels is the main culprit. “We can’t think of […]

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Obama’s Plan to Improve the American Truck Fuel Efficiency

President Obama has announced a plan to improve the fuel efficiency of American trucks. His plan includes: – Directing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to set the next round of fuel efficiency standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles; – Partnering with private-sector leaders to deploy advanced vehicles; – Partnering […]

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