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Tesla Buying Solar City—What it Says about Where Solar Power is Headed

Elon Musk is Tesla and Ford Rolled into One A lot of financial analysts have been weighing in about Tesla’s recent acquisition of Solar City, one of the biggest US solar energy companies. Some say it’s a good move, others that’s it’s not, and still others have mixed opinions on the subject. Elon Musk, of […]

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As OPEC’s Glory Days Fade, What Does the Future Hold for Renewable Energy?

Once upon a time, OPEC ruled the world, or at least most of the world’s oil supplies, which virtually amounted to the same thing. The rollercoaster ride of falling oil prices since 2014 challenges the invincibility of that reign, particularly when it comes to the so called “Fragile 5”: Venezuela, Libya, Nigeria, Algeria and Iraq, […]

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OSU Test Report

Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research (“CAR”) recently released a report showing that eNow’s solar auxiliary power systems can significantly improve fuel economy by utilizing solar power to charge a vehicle’s auxiliary batteries.  These savings are a real game changer and substantially impacts fleet economics.  Through various dynamometer tests, CAR was able to show […]

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Hiring and Supporting our Veterans

I am a big supporter of our military. My father-in-law fought at D Day in Patton’s 7th Army, my brother-in-law fought in Vietnam, and three of my nephews fought in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. As Americans we owe our freedom to these brave men and women. I am excited about how the American Trucking Association […]

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Bridgestone America’s Fights Ebola

I recently read a great article (December Landline Magazine) about how the employees of Bridgestone reached out to help people affected by this deadly disease in Liberia. Sometimes business is about more than making money. In this case Bridgestone proved just that. When an employee of Firestone (sister company) Liberia contracted the deadly disease the […]

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