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Climate Change is Not an Issue for Future Generations

The economy and quality of life for individuals around the world are continuing to be disrupted by extreme weather. Heat waves, drought, severe precipitation and other damaging weather events are appearing more often and are increasing in intensity. It’s no secret...

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Better Fuel Economy Expected in the Trucks of Tomorrow

A recent industry survey finds that improved fuel economy is number one on the wish list for trucks of the future. Solar technology that helps offset fuel use, such as eNow’s, is noted as one of the design features that may help achieve better fuel economy. An article...

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Transportation Gains Confidence in New Technologies

The transportation industry is beginning to become more confident in new technologies that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving our environment. According to an article I came across onTruckerToTrucker.com, 2.5 million out of the 8.6 million registered...

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