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Can Solar Panels on vehicles be used to Power Homes & Businesses?

On a recent radio program, we were asked  ………………. Q: Can you imagine the day when, not only will solar power reduce fuel cost on vehicles, but when these vehicles are parked, the energy produced by these solar panels can be used to power our homes and businesses?  Next time you drive by a school, […]

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Trucks Joining Green Race

From the rack of over 30 sample magazines the cover of one jumped out at me. It showed what at first glance appeared to be  two menacing tractor trailers bearing down on a bicyclist. This made sense as for many years the trucking industry has been the bad bogey man of the green energy world. […]

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Should we develop alternatives to curtail the use of oil and gas?

Oil and gas has continually increased to the point where we are environmentally threatened and dependent upon foreign producers.  It is interesting that the photovoltaic effect was discovered in 1838 and only first used when the space program started in 1958.  Space applications stimulated the development of solar cell technology through the 70’s but no […]

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How Truck Emissions Can Ruin a Relaxing Getaway

We decided to take a drive for breakfast. Our plan was to have a relaxing morning and enjoy a delicious meal. Off we went. First stop the gas station, my have prices gone up, still I thought, not as bad as that diesel price, though. Oh well, still the trip seems like a nice inexpensive […]

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DYK—Interesting Facts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Repost from   The average American is responsible for a whopping 50,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Some examples of your carbon footprint are: When your car’s engine burns fuel it creates CO2, the amount generated depends on its fuel consumption and the driving distance. Heating your house with oil, gas, or coal […]

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