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State & Municipal “no-idle” restrictions

Can truckers catch a break?  It is hard enough to manage fuel costs and the day to day workload, now the states are introducing no-idle regulations. There is another source of power, eNow can save you fuel and reduce the gas emissions through solar power. Want to read about the state and municipal regulations?  Click on ATRI (American […]

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So How Do Solar APUs Actually Work?

Solar power has been around for centuries, dating back to the 7th century B.C. Today it is common to see rooftop solar panels powering homes, schools and offices, and solar arrays helping to fuel cities and towns. One of the exciting new advances in solar technology is its use to run Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) […]

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Thank a Driver Today

I recently drove to Florida for the first time in a thirty foot truck. This was quite the experience, driving 2,650 miles in seven days alone in a very small space. I have always admired the trucking profession; however, this experience took my respect to a whole new level. How do truck drivers go out […]

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America Runs on Truck Drivers—Thank a Truck Driver Today!

There is no question that America runs on Truck Drivers.  If you needed a reason to believe, just remember what it was like during last week’s blizzard. Northeasterners cleared grocery store shelves and long lines were reported at gas stations because delivery trucks had been unable to access roads due to the snow.  All deliveries […]

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“Cliff” Compromise Allows 50% Write-off of New Equipment

From an article in this week’s Transport Topics (“Cliff” Compromise Allows 50% Write-off Of New Equipment”). Why is this such a big deal? Under this legislation, fleet owners will be able to continue to write off ½ of the cost of equipment purchases on their 2013 tax bill. Before the President and Congress agreed on […]

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eNow prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. Each application can take as little as 2-4 hours to install. eNow can also handle large-scale production and fleet installation projects through its established global network of top-tier channel, service and supplier partnerships.